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precision fertigation

In the context of South African agriculture, every grower will tell you that you take control where you can get it. By nature, SA producers have to be nimble enough to adapt and roll with the proverbial punches when it comes to unpredictable weather conditions, changeable market forces, unexpected shuffles in the supply-and-demand chain, and so much more. Suffice it to say, all this capriciousness takes its toll, and when an agricultural solution rolls around that offers an increase in control and a reduction in overall production costs, it is a grower’s dream come true.

Case in point: Precision Fertigation™ systems by Netafim™, supplied and maintained by Bekmar Irrigation.

What exactly is Precision Fertigation™?

Precision Fertigation™ is the trademarked term for innovative systems created by Netafim™ that are based on the principle of fertigation.

Fertigation itself refers to the practice of managing a crop’s root zone by delivering an optimal combination of water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, based on its needs as determined by the overall development cycle of the crop.

The use of these systems provides growers with unprecedented control when it comes to the the timing and quantity of each fertiliser delivery to a given plant.

The many benefits of Precision Fertigation™

If we sound very proud to be the suppliers of Netafim™ Precision Fertigation™ systems, that’s because we are. At Bekmar, we take great pride in providing our clients with the most innovative agricultural solutions available on the market, and we have seen first-hand how the use of these cutting-edge systems can help a farmer to run a profitable business and rediscover the joy of working the land despite the many challenges it represents.

The benefits of installing a Precision Fertigation™ includes:

  1. The ability to optimise your fertilisation process and ensure that it is executed 100% perfectly every time – you always apply the exact right amount of fertiliser; no more, no less.
  2. Adjustment of the system to tailor delivery for certain fields, or even zones or areas in the same field where soil type and other factors may differ.
  3. Elimination of fertiliser loss due to leaching since dosages can be kept small and regular, and can be timed in perfect sequence with rainfall patterns and other factors.
  4. Adjustment of fertiliser application to compensate for market fluctuations, unusually high or low rainfall, extreme weather event, disease, etc.
  5. And so much more!

Here are a few examples of agricultural environments in which the use of Precision Fertigation™ could provide the grower with increased levels of control:

  • Tropical climates. In humid environments, water may not be an issue, but plant nutrition still offers plenty of challenges. With fertigation you can put your fertiliser to much more efficient use.
  • Open orchards and fields. Get better yields out in your fields by applying nutrients straight to the root zone of your crops.
  • Greenhouses. Fertigation uses your greenhouse water delivery system to send a precise combination of water and nutrients to your plants on a tailored, automated schedule.

As you can tell, Precision Fertigation™ is suitable for use in a wide variety of environments. The adaptability of this system allows each producer to tailor the use of the system to their unique requirements – therein lies the magic. In short, it doesn’t matter if you’re growing citrus, soft citrus, avocados, macadamias, blueberries, bananas, peppers, or tomatoes, Precision Fertigation™ will help you to take control of your production spend and yield.

Find out more about Precision Fertigation™

Fertigation systems can be costly to implement at the outset, but it’s worth every cent in the long run. As such, it pays to consult with a professional before you invest, so you can ensure that the initial capital you put down will lead to exceptional yields and savings on fertiliser, labour energy expenses down the line.

Would you like to find out if a fertigation system is the agricultural growth solution you’ve been looking for? Bekmar Irrigation is now conveniently located in six towns throughout Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable consultants today for more information on fertigation and how it can be implemented to boost your business and bottom line from the ground up.

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