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Though the drought in many parts of our country has been alleviated, South Africans are more aware than ever about our growing responsibility towards using water wisely. The water restrictions in the Western Cape, a province known for its wet winters, made us even more attentive that this could happen anywhere in South Africa. The drought also brought a ‘flood’ of new and innovative ways to use water in and around the home. Many homeowners and businesses also took the leap to install boreholes as a means to ensure that there was water, at least for some daily and necessary tasks. 

Here in the northern provinces, our water supply seems to be stable, at least for now, but we can all do our small part in using water more wisely and responsibly. Bekmar Irrigation can supply irrigation equipment and products to home or business owners with alternative water supplies, including boreholes as well as equipment for subsistence or small farmers in rural neighbourhoods that have food gardens and want to use water sparingly.  

Water borehole Equipment

Bekmar supplies high-quality water borehole pumps and clients have the option to choose between electric as well as solar pumps. The correct unit will be supplied based on your borehole certificate and what the borehole will be used for. 

We can additionally supply all accessories such as cables, control boxes, pipes and tanks including booster pumps should it be necessary. We also assist with irrigation should you wish to use your borehole for garden irrigation.  

Irrigation for subsistence farmers and feeding schemes

Whether the water is received from conventional water systems, boreholes or a spring, Bekmar can assist with a complete irrigation system and installation. The family drip is ideal for subsistence or small farmers that supply to their immediate community. This drip system includes a tank, dripper lines, connections and pipes. The family drip system can effectively be implemented on a 1000m2 piece of land. For larger areas such as feeding schemes, we can assist with micro and drip systems. Not only do these systems help communities grow, but they also help them use water more responsibly, lower unnecessary labour and costs which can improve profitability and ensure that they are more sustainable in the long run. 

Why choose Bekmar Irrigation? 

All products supplied and distributed by Bekmar are affordable, cost-effective and high-quality. We strive towards supplying our customers with only the very best products that will last. All parts can be bought at any of our six branches in Limpopo and Mpumalanga making our products accessible. Bekmar Irrigation can be found in Tzaneen, Letsitele, Hoedspruit, Louis Trichardt, Levubu and our newest branch in Nelspruit. 

For more information about our irrigation systems for your home, small farm or business please contact us today. 

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