SABI (South African Irrigation Institute/Suid-Afrikaanse Besproeiingsinstituut) is a 35 years old non-profit organisation. SABI’s role is to actively promote and share knowledge, to ensure the optimal and efficient use of water in South Africa, for the ongoing growth and sustainability of the socio-economy in South Africa. Using water optimally in South Africa is vital and legislation governs the use of water.

 South Africa’s National Water Act is regarded internationally as placing South Africa at the forefront in water conservation, protection, use, development, conservation, management and control. The Act looks to ensure the water resources and their optimum use is secured for present and future generations. SABI members in South Africa work within the ambit and character of this Act.

SABI is the custodian of irrigation knowledge in South Africa and actively promotes the dissemination and sharing of this knowledge via its branch activities, multimedia forms and SABI training courses.  SABI members are drawn from the private, business, academic and government sectors. More than 450 members are involved in SABI today. The 2012/2013 SABI Council, which is represented by a national group, is led by SABI President Paul van den Berg, with Charles Cherry as Vice-President and Felix Reinders as Secretary/Treasurer.

Responsible irrigation water use can result in increased socio-economic progress of people, healthier populations, enhanced agricultural production and energy saving.  Irrigation professionals have the knowledge and skills to responsibly boost a food production revolution in Africa, while enhancing economic and environmental activities –

SABI is proud to be fulfilling a vital role in ensuring the efficient and optimum use of irrigation water – and the chain of empowering and positive effects this unleashes within communities, in people’s lives and on the environment at large. SABI is committed to playing a role in the socio-economic prosperity of South Africa and Africa.